Presentation of Inclusive Memory project at University College of London: an opportunity for discussion and exchange

On Tuesday 6th December, Professor Antonella Poce (UNIMORE) presented the Inclusive Memory project (IM) at the University College London upon invitation of Professor Helen Chatterjee (UCL). About forty participants, including students of UCL Masters in Arts & Sciences in Creative Health, professors and museum professionals, attended the seminar.

This event was an important opportunity to present and disseminate the project within a community of potential beneficiaries. 

Professor Poce illustrated the main aim of the IM project, the European partners, the expected outcomes, the methodologies adopted and the results that have been already obtained and those that will be achieved in the next phases. Furthermore, she presented  the museum experience realised within the IM framework “Narrating the museum to promote empathy and critical thinking in medical science students and doctors through online activities”. 

The presentation sparked great interest. According to Professor Poce, IM research shows great potential. Cooperation between HEIs, Health and Social care Institutions and Museums is strategic to advance in museum education as well as in museum experience.

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